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Tired of censoring himself, YouTube star Connor Franta comes out as gay

Tired of censoring himself, YouTube star Connor Franta comes out as gay

Connor Franta has 3.6 million followers on YouTube and today he has some big news for those fans: he is gay.

The 22 year old posted his most personal video to date as he shared the news and the lifelong journey of finally getting to the point of accepting himself.

‘I put a vast majority of my life on the Internet and I want this to be one of those things too,’ he said in a six minute and 27 second video (see below). ‘This has easily been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do – but I’m so glad I’m doing it.’

Franta told viewers that it was a year ago that he began to come out to family and friends after spending his life up until that time not being able to admit the truth even to himself.

‘All I wanted to do was be like everybody else,’ he says in the video.

He dated girls while in high school but when he would kiss them, ‘I would feel nothing.’

It was during his sophomore year in college that Franta began watching coming out videos on YouTube, going on chat rooms and doing Google searches about being gay.

The online support he found has encouraged him to make a ‘video for anybody who needs it.’

After coming out to the people in his life, a huge burden was lifted.

‘Everyone was so great … they didn’t look at me different, they didn’t treat me different. They just said, "Okay." Like it was no big deal. I just wanted to to be able to not be afraid – I’m sick of censoring myself.’

Along with the video on his YouTube page, Franta posted a message to hos fans which read: ‘Your support means the absolute world to me & I hope this doesn’t change a thing. I love you guys & can’t thank you enough for everything xx.’

He has since received nearly 22,000 messages of support.

Here is a sampling:

Kelly Travis: Connor, we’re all so proud of you! We love you so much and this definitely does not change anything! ❤️

Reanna15146: Great job! That was probably REALLY hard, though I can only guess, and you should be completely proud of yourself for doing this. I wouldn’t have you any other way,

Simona Omina: Oh. My. God! I am so shocked! Woah. But it’s okay! Welcome to your free life! I understand you. I am really proud of you for telling us, Connor! We appreciate it!