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Tituss Burgess slams Trump in new song, 45

Tituss Burgess slams Trump in new song, 45

Tituss Burgess in the video for 45

Tituss Burgess (known for his role in Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) has dropped a new political anthem that slams Donald Trump.

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The track, titled 45, is the first single off Burgess’s EP Saint Tituss, which is slated for a 26 July release.

Burgess co-wrote the single with Daniel J. Watts, who is also featured on the track.

‘Everywhere I look, people are losing hope,’ Burgess said in a statement. ‘We are letting this man in the highest office of our country dictate our lives when he works for us. We’ve gotten used to his shenanigans. This is not normal.’

Burgess believes this new song serves as a ‘wake-up call’ for marginalized groups to help them realize they are able to change the world.

The video

The music video begins with a man in a tuxedo playing the piano. It then cuts to a server leading us into a room full of men and women in suits. They all have Trump-esque blue eyes painted over their eyelids. Two men, Burgess himself and Watts, are tied to a pillar by their wrists.

The server pours glasses of red wine, and the people in suits raise their glasses for a toast. The screen then turns black and shows the number 45 in white.

When the track begins, the people in suits begin to dance as if they’re being controlled by a puppet master. We then see Burgess’s blank face staring back as he’s wearing a strait-jacket in a prison-like room.

‘I don’t fear ‘cause I know we’re the cure,’ Burgess sings. ‘Oh 45, a real nosedive for America.’ Watts then chimes in: ‘Y’all really voted for this man?’

‘I’m so transfixed,’ Burgess continues. ‘He’s as dumb as bricks.’

Watts then begins to rap about Obama and the prejudice minority groups still face.

Burgess closes the track with ‘I am strong.’

Watch the music video for 45 below.

‘Anything I create is always born out of some deficit,’ Burgess explained in a statement. ‘I need to bridge the gap between what I listen to and the content that’s most important to me, and also to perform a personal exorcism. That is how Saint Tituss was born.’

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