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To protect her Disney brand, Raven-Symoné thought she’d never come out

To protect her Disney brand, Raven-Symoné thought she’d never come out

Raven Symone joined The View as a regular co-host last year.

Raven-Symoné knew she was gay by the time she was 12.

The problem was that as a teenager she was the star of the popular Disney Channel series That’s So Raven and didn’t think the world could ever know about her sexuality.

‘Even if I got sick I probably would’ve been like, “I’m taking this to the grave,”‘

The View co-host says in a new It Got Better video released this week.

‘I never thought I’d come out because my personal life didn’t matter, it was only what was supposed to have been sold as “The Raven-Symone brand.”‘

Symoné was just four when she was cast as the granddaughter Olivia on The Cosby Show and worked throughout her teens in television, movies and music.

‘I knew I couldn’t say it out loud because “Oh my God, little Olivia (from The Cosby Show is gay? This is crazy!” I had the number one show one Disney, I had multiple albums, I’d been on tour with ‘NSYNC. People have bucket lists – my bucket list was finished at 18. I didn’t want to deal with that.’

In 2012, Symoné ranked number nine on VH1’s 100 Greatest Kid Stars Of All Time list. Moving forward, Symoné thought she’d manage with a sham marriage to a man.

‘I’ll have a husband and I’ll have a friend on the side so I can be happy, so I could have both taken care of,’ she said.

‘That didn’t last. I don’t care anymore because I fell in love.’ She came out publicly in 2012 and three years later joined The View as a co-host.