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PHOTOS: Australian same-sex couples say 'I do' on the first day of marriage equality

Lots of couples got married at midnight on the first day of marriage equality in Australia and the photos are simply stunning

PHOTOS: Australian same-sex couples say 'I do' on the first day of marriage equality
Same-sex couples across Australia have tied the knot on the first day possible. | Photos: Instagram: @sarahmayalexander_celebrant, @cr.catherine.ehrhardt, lizzietrevan • & @christianmarcphotography Twitter: @marg_hutton (center top) and Kate Craddock (center bottom)

Australian same-sex couples have started tying the knot across the country as 9 January, 2018 is the first official day they can do so after marriage equality became legal.

Marriage equality was signed into law on 9 December after a two-month postal survey revealed the majority of Australians supported same-sex marriage.

But under Australian law, couples must register their notice of intent to marry a minimum of one month before they plan to marry.

Some same-sex couples were granted exemptions from this rule for reasons such as, terminal illness, and were allowed to marry sooner than today.

But for the rest of the same-sex couples keen to get down the aisle with their partner they had to wait until today.

At the stroke of midnight

Couples across Australia planned their nuptials so that would be married at the stroke of midnight on 9 January.

One of those couples were track athletes Luke Sullivan and Craig Burns. They held their wedding in reverse order, starting with food and drinks and eventually culminating in the wedding ceremony at midnight.

‘I think the first time that it set in for me that it might not happen was at my sister’s wedding when I was watching her walk down the aisle,’ Sullivan told 9NEWS.

‘It was beautiful and incredible and amazing but I couldn’t help that feel I might not get this opportunity and that was the first time that it really dawned on me.’

Another couple to tie the knot today was Roz Kitschke and Lainey Carmichael who got married in Hobart, Tasmania.

Long-time marriage equality advocate Rodney Croome attended the women’s wedding.

‘The joy and happiness at this morning’s wedding was proof, should it still be needed, that love is love,’ he said.

‘Roz and Lainey’s marriage marks the start of a new chapter in their lives and also a new chapter in the life of the nation.

‘Today we are a more equal and inclusive country that treats all loving, committed couples the same.’

New wives sit at a table with marriage certificate and their civil celebrant standing behind them

Roz Kitschke and Lainey Carmichael with civil celebrant, Jason Betts, at were married at their home in Tasmania. | Photo: Kate Craddock

Photos from the big day

Teegan & Mahatia

Three wedding on the same day!

Midnight in Western Australia

First cocktail as wife and wife

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History making


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‘Mrs Dyke’

Media circus (in a good way)

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