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‘I like when they almost naked,’ Todrick Hall sings in sexy new video

‘I like when they almost naked,’ Todrick Hall sings in sexy new video

Todrick Hall in his new music video

Set to a catchy, quick beat, Todrick Hall sits down his religious ‘mother’ in his newest music video to tell her something — he likes boys.

‘Mama come, come doll, take a seat/There’s someone you know that you’ve got to meet,’ he sings at the start of the video for I Like Boys. ‘So brace yourself for the big reveal/He’s about my height, when he’s not in heels.’

Wearing a hoodie in a child’s room, Hall shows himself playing with two male dolls as he comes out to his mother.

‘Some boys play basketball/He played house with ratchet dolls. It’s not Santa Claus, it’s time for applause/It’s coming out the closet.’

What follows is a desert-set fever dream of near-naked men, Hall in extravagant outfits, featuring lyrics like ‘like them arms when they flex/like that print, in them sweats’.

I Like Boys is the second video from Hall’s new EP, Haus Party, Pt. 1.

He released the first video Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels at the start of the month and earned praise from the likes of Billy Porter and Cynthia Erivo.

Next up for Todrick Hall: Broadway

Hall is keeping busy beyond releasing mind-blowing bops for Pride.

He was recently announced to be joining the Broadway cast of the musical Waitress in the role of Ogie.

Based on the 2007 film of the same name, the show features music by Sara Bareilles and follows diner waitress Jenna Hunterson. When she unexpectedly becomes pregnant by her abusive husband, she starts looking for ways out and up in her life.

Ogie is the love interest to Jenna’s co-worker and friend at the diner, Dawn. He’s also a huge comedic character, relying on broady, physical comedy.

Hall will be in the show from 20 August to 15 September.

He’s previously played Lola in Kinky Boots on Broadway and Billy Flynn in Chicago on the West End.

Haus Party, Pt. 1 is out now.

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