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Tokyo Disneyland welcomes gay weddings

After initial refusal, Tokyo Disneyland welcomes same-sex wedding celebrations

Tokyo Disneyland welcomes gay weddings

Following a PR boob, Tokyo Disneyland has redeemed itself by agreeing that same-sex wedding ceremonies can be celebrated at their resorts.

Gay rights blogger Koyuki Higashi contacted Disneyland in Tokyo to ask if publicised plans to host weddings at the resort would be available for her and her girlfriend.

Disney caused a Twitter fire storm by responding that one woman would have to wear a groom’s outfit because ‘other visitors will be watching’.

Over a week later Higashi received another reply from Disney, saying that they welcome same-sex wedding celebrations in which the couple both wear wedding dresses (or even both in tuxedos), even though same-sex marriage is not permitted in Japan.

Higashi then delivered a thank you message to Mickey Mouse. She told Mainichi Daily: ‘Japan still lacks favourable projects when it comes to sexual minorities, but the fact that Disney took this stance publicly means a lot.’

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