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Tokyo wants to stamp out LGBTI discrimination by 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo wants to stamp out LGBTI discrimination by 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo’s city government wants to make discrimination against LGBTI people ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will introduce the first ordinance bill on 19 September which will include anti-discrimination measures. The bill will also include awareness raising measures to promote better understanding of LGBTI people.

‘This will be a major step,’ an unnamed source told the Mainchi. ‘We expect the discussion in the assembly will make the bill more effective.’

Tokyo’s city government wants to implement the non-legally binding ordinance ahead of its role as host to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It has worked on the ordinance since May and asked the public to submit their thoughts on it.

A young LGBTI activist was glad to hear the ordinance would include anti-discrimination provisions.

‘While I thought it was a good move when I learned about the effort to enact the ordinance on the news, I felt uneasy because I couldn’t tell whether the bill would include a discrimination ban or not,’ Soshi Matsuoka said.

Tokyo has made some moves to improve the lives of its LGBTI people. Some of its wards recognize same-sex partnerships, including the world famous Shibuya ward. In July this year, Tokyo also announced it would provide shelter and housing to homeless LGBTI people.

The city will also get a Pride House for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. The Pride House is designed to offer a space where athletes and fans can exchange information and insights about the LGBTI community during two of the world’s premier sporting events.

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