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Tom Daley and Dustin cheer baby’s first Christmas, but can you spot Robbie?

Tom Daley and Dustin cheer baby’s first Christmas, but can you spot Robbie?

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black had a very special day with friends celebrating baby Robbie’s first Christmas.

Olympic diving champion, Daley, shared a picture of the couple with all their friends enjoying a slap-up Christmas meal.

The caption reads simply: ‘Robbie’s first Christmas’ with a red love heart emoji after it.

Cutest Christmas photo, with a cheeky twist

But, at first glance, the photo seems to only show Tom and husband, Oscar winning director, Black, and their friends and family.

Everyone is smiling at the camera and looking full of festive cheer, just like any other family at Christmas.

But take another look. In the foreground of the photo and to the left is a little bundle of Christmas joy.


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Robbie’s first Christmas! ❤️

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Cleverly positioned with his back to the camera is a cunningly disguised Robbie. Kitted out in the cutest baby Santa outfit and Santa hat, baby Robbie could easily be mistaken for a festive decoration at first.

Of course, the fact that everyone in the photo is smiling at the camera rather than baby Robbie does make it slightly harder to spot him, initially.

Fans loved being given a glimpse of the festive family’s Christmas day

It’s a cheeky and lovely, fun way to share their special family day with friends and fans.

‘What an adorable little Christmas prince! I’m so happy you guys had such an amazing first Christmas as a family!’ Wrote erinallen_art.

Another fan, jockstrap.603, wrote cheekily: ‘Is that really Robbie, or a stand in? If it is, he must feel like he’s at the zoo with you all looking at him like that!’

Others, like ignatiustaylor, commented that the photo was ’Adorable!’ Well, we can only agree and think it’s fab to see a modern gay family with so much love and support around them.

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