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Tom Daley poses nude for David Hockney – and reacts to drawing

Tom Daley poses nude for David Hockney – and reacts to drawing

Tom Daley poses next to the David Hockney drawing

Diving champ Tom Daley has viewed a nude portrait of himself by artist David Hockney last August.

Daley posted a photo to his Instagram yesterday of himself standing next to the subsequent charcoal and crayon drawing.

The sketch is now on show at the Los Angeles Museum of Art as part of Hockney’s show, 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life. Daley also posted a video to his youtube channel.

Hockney is one of the UK’s most revered artists. He rose to prominence in the 1960s and is most famed for his late 60s swimming pool series and paintings of friends.

Tom Daley beside his David Hockney portrait
‘When you have a Hockney nude in LACMA 🙈 • We went sightseeing as a family, and my mum saw me naked…we made a funny VLOG about it. There is a link in my story or you can just find it on YouTube 😂 if you see it…Tag me in any photos you take with it 😜’ (Photo: @tomdaley | Instagram)

In an Instagram photo taken by husband Dustin Lance Black, Daley is seen covering his crotch with his hand, mirroring the pose he strikes in the drawing.

Daley posted on YouTube: ‘Taking my Mum (NANA DEBS) sightseeing in LA was so much fun, we even got to take Robbie Ray to his first art gallery! Although it was embarrassing for them to see me naked! ’

Tom Daley and husband Dustin Lance Black welcomed Robbie Ray into the world last month. The Olympic medal winner explains that he was named Robbie after Daley’s late father, and that Ray is a name from Dustin’s side of the family.

Visiting the museum, the family talk about the drawing, in which you can see the slightest peep of Tom’s balls. Dustin says to Daley’s mom, ‘You’ve seen those before, haven’t you?’. Tom’s mom jokes back, ‘Quite a few times. Probably more times than you, Lance!’

‘Well that was definitely weird,’ Tom goes on to say. ‘My mum, and my son, seeing me naked. I know my mum’s seen me naked but I was very young when that happened.’

‘It’s been a while for me, as well,’ quips Lance.

‘What? Twelve hours?’ shoots back Tom.

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