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Tom Daley reveals baby plan

Tom Daley reveals baby plan

Who's the daddy? Tom has revealed his and Dustin's fatherhood plans for after the Olympics

British diving champ Tom Daley has revealed plans to become a father after the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.

The 22-year-old, who is in a relationship with Milk filmmaker Dustin Lance Black, has said in a new interview: ‘It’s not a question of “if”, just “when”.’

He added: ‘Family has always been a massive thing to us. It’s what we want. Once I’ve finished with diving there are going to be other avenues I’d like to explore.’

On his and Dustin’s age gap Tom told The Sun: ‘It’s the other way round in reality – I’m the adult. I do all the cooking, organising and pay the bills.’

The star also confirmed that he and Dustin will tie the knot next year, but says: ‘We haven’t planned a thing yet.’

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Tom also revealed he developed OCD after a dive at the 2012 Games went awry (he still took home bronze).

‘It traumatised me so badly, I became this massive OCD freak. I lived in such fear of the dive I couldn’t walk across drains without thinking the world was going to end.

‘If I didn’t sleep well, I thought everything was going to go wrong. I was permanently terrified and never waned to be in a pool again. I hated the sport and wanted to shut off from everything.’

The star also addressed Dustin’s Twitter spat with Sam Smith earlier this year, after the director tweeted at the singer to ‘stop texting my fiance’.

Says Tom: ‘It was quite funny as we’re all really good mates. When somebody has written a sarcastic tweet you can’t read the tone.

‘It’s funny people on the outside turned it into this story.’