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Tom Daley tries his hand at synchronized swimming

Tom Daley tries his hand at synchronized swimming

Britain’s Tom Daley, the Olympic medal-winning diver jumped back into the pool recently to mark the fact that FINA will be allowing men to take part in the Synchronized Swimming World Championships for the first time in 2015.

Daley, aged 20, joined members of Aquabatix, for his first attempt at synchronized swimming – and the results have just been released on youtube.

Donning the trademark nose clip so beloved of synchronized swimmers, Daley is put through the motions by members of the Aquabatix team, learning such moves as the ‘barracuda’ and ‘egg beater’.

You can watch the video below.

Daley mentioned the video on his social media just hours after an anniversary tweet commemorating it being a year since he revealed to the world that he fallen in love with another man; Oscar-winning scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black. In making the announcement, Daley instantly became one of the world’s most famous, openly-gay athletes.

‘1 year today … oh how time flies!’