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Oh, happy day: Tom from Queer Eye is back with his wife

Thank goodness for happy endings

Oh, happy day: Tom from Queer Eye is back with his wife
Reunited and it feels so good! | Photo: Twitter @TomJack20176306

Netflix’s rebooted Queer Eye series is earning rave reviews everywhere. Audiences and critics are loving the show for its diversity, warmth, and its positive attitude.

It all began with the first episode, You Can’t Fix Ugly.

The Fab Five focused their first efforts on southern charmer Tom Jackson. People watching quickly adored his love of cars, his grandson, and his third ex-wife, Abby.

After working on his looks and confidence, the Fab Five helped Tom get to a place where he felt comfortable asking Abby out again. The episode ended on a positive note, making everyone believe in second chances for love.

Unfortunately, Tom revealed last week that he and Abby did not reconcile permanently.

People around the world felt the collective heartbreak.

But all hope is not lost

Turns out Tom and Abby’s story wasn’t as over as we thought.

On Tuesday (6 March), Tom tweeted he and Abby reunited!

In the tweet, he exclaimed: ‘We’ve loved each other for many years and want to spend the rest of our lives together!!!!!!!!’

Now let’s all ‘aww’ together.

People shared their excitement, amazement, and beyond at the news. Plenty commented on the rollercoaster of emotions this relationship brought them, and how good Tom and Abby look together.

Love lives.

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