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Tom from Queer Eye has split with his wife after winning her over on the show

The star of 'You Can't Fix Ugly' is a single man again

Tom from Queer Eye has split with his wife after winning her over on the show
Abby and Tom rekindle their love on Netflix's Queer Eye. | Photo: Netflix

Remember that adorable redneck, car lover from the first episode of the rebooted Queer Eye, Tom?

We all fell in love with the star of ‘You Can’t Fix Ugly because he was very set in his routine, made a lethal ‘redneck margarita’ and loved his grandson, Chandler, to bits.

If you don’t remember him, here is a quick refresher about his story:

But ond of the standout moments of the episode was how much he wanted to win back his third ex-wife, Abby.

The Fab Five worked hard to overhaul Tom’s apartment, style and to give him the confidence to ask Abby to a car show.

When she showed up full of enthusiasm and walked around hand in hand with her ex-husband looking at cars, we thought they would for sure get back together.

She even agreed to a second date, where they ate homemade guacamole and it seemed they were going to be together forever (again).

Well, love is dead because Tom took to Twitter to confirm he and Abby split up.

For a creature of habit who was reluctant to try new things, Tom certainly took like a fish to water on Twitter. We have to give him props for his strong emoji game.

Tom Jackson's Twitter profile bio

 His Twitter bio. | Photo: Twitter

His daughter, Katie (Chandler’s mom) was the first to reply to the tweet, promising him that he will find the perfect woman.

Tom’s heartbroken

Heartbreakingly, he posted multiple photos of Abby in the days leading up to his Twitter announcement including a photo of their wedding day.

He described his wedding to Abby as the happiest day of his life other than when his daughter and son were born.

Good luck Tom, we hope you find love soon.

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