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Fox’s Tomi Lahren says liberals who support Muslim Congresswoman back ‘stoning gays’

Fox’s Tomi Lahren says liberals who support Muslim Congresswoman back ‘stoning gays’

Tomi Lahren

Fox News host Tomi Lahren equated supporting Muslim Americans to backing Islamic Sharia law, as well as oppressive and violent policies like stoning LGBTI people.

After winning her midterm election last year, Omar achieved a number of historical firsts when voters elected her to Congress. She became the first Somali-American, the first naturalized citizen from Africa, the first woman of color from Minnesota, and one of the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress.

Recently, she’s received criticism for her comments about Israel. In critiquing lobbies within the US government, including the NRA, big pharmacy, and the pro-Israel lobby, many interpreted her comments as anti-Semitic.

Attacks on Omar for her comments are steeped in racism and Islamophobia. After Donald Trump tweeted out a video showing footage of 9/11 interspersed with clips of Omar speaking, she said she’s received an increase of death threats.

Numerous Democrats have come to Omar’s defense, which Lahren took umbrage with in a recent tweet.

Tomi Lahren tweets about the left
Lahren’s tweet about left supporters | Photo: Twitter @TomiLahren

She implied that supporters of the ‘Left’ are hypocrites because they stand up for Omar (and therefore Sharia Law, which can be used to justify anti-LGBTI laws, such as in Brunei) but criticize Vice President Mike Pence for being against marriage equality due to this religion.

Omar is openly pro-LGBTI and the Human Rights Campaign endorsed her last year.

Before Lahren’s tweet, Omar wrote about her love for the US and the fight to make it better.

Swift criticism

Many people responded to Lahren’s tweet, citing Omar’s LGBTI record and calling Lahren out for her Islamophobia.

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