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Riverdale character Toni Topaz is officially bisexual

Riverdale character Toni Topaz is officially bisexual

Character Toni Topaz in a scene from Riverdale

Riverdale has finally confirmed that Toni Topaz is bisexual.

Toni is played by actress Vanessa Morgan.

Executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told ET in July the show would be exploring Toni’s sexuality.

ET asked him whether the hints about Toni being bisexual in the comics the show is based on will be explored.

He responded: ‘I believe yes that is something that we’re going to explore.’

Vanessa told Bustle her character’s sexuality is ‘one hundred percent important.’

Toni said to main character Archie in Archie #17 that he didn’t snatch up the ‘hot chick’ then she would.

She was also among the admirers of a female character shown on the cover of Archie #19. Toni then also has a crush on male character Sayyid Alid.

Toni made her debut in the show in the third episode of the current season (Season two).

Now, in episode six, her bisexuality is explicitly referenced in the show.

Episode five ended with Toni spending the night in Jughead’s trailer and they share a brief kiss on-screen,

In the next episode, Toni and Jughead are sat in a diner.

‘PG-13 grope session’

Jughead brings up the kiss.

Toni immediately labels it ‘a PG-13 grope session’, insinuating it went further than just a kiss but they didn’t have sex.

He laughs it off. Then Toni points out that Jughead is not yet over ex-girlfriend Betty Cooper.

Toni tells Jughead she is ‘not interested in being anyone’s rebound.’

Then she adds ‘I’m more into girls anyway.’


Fans are praising the show for Toni’s casual and confident coming out.

Jughead’s response has also been applauded.

After Toni’s comment about being ‘more into girls’, he casually said: ‘Roger that.’

GLAAD recently revealed there is a severe lack in racial diversity of LGBTI characters.

They reported: ‘All three platforms tracked here – broadcast, cable, and streaming originals – lacked LGBTQ characters of color.’

Vanessa Morgan, the actress who plays Toni, is half East African.

Fans were further delighted to have a ‘canon bi black girl.’

Vanessa previously played a lesbian character in The Shannara Chronicles.

She explained: ‘I love being able to represent different people, and every single type of love.’