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Too much to do? We organize, you relax

Too much to do? We organize, you relax

A General Factotum arranged party

When we were both working full time and trying to juggle demands of family, friends and daily life without going completely mad, one of us said: ‘What we really need is a General Factotum.’

A factotum is a general servant or person who looks after a range of work or responsibilities. It derives from the Latin ‘fac totum’ or ‘do everything’.

We dreamt of someone we could trust being available for all kinds of different jobs – from waiting in for a plumber to arranging for a new bathroom to be put in!

Not an expensive concierge service but a reasonably priced practical resource to handle jobs when you have run out of time.

So we started General Factotum. Our strap line is ‘We organize; you relax’ – and that’s exactly what we have been doing for over a year now.

We have been asked to do all the obvious things – birthday dinners; being there for BT or Virgin to call ‘between 8am and 1pm’; drinks parties; installing kitchens and bathrooms; making urgent deliveries and pick ups.

And we love to help with more unusual requests too.

Here are some recent examples we’ve helped our customers with:

  • I’ve got to arrange a special party next week but I haven’t got a second – I’d love to tell someone what I need and leave it all to them.
  • I want to sell or rent my property but I have no time to set it up and make it desirable. I need people who can refresh tired looking rooms and my backyard and increase the value immediately.
  • I’m moving to a new home but am busy at work. I want to explain everything I want and get someone to find me quotes to get it fitted out fast.
  • I’m often away – I need someone to come in, pick up the post, water the plants and manage the cleaning and laundry.
  • When I come back from a work trip or holiday I want to walk into a sparkling house with fresh flowers on the table and dinner in the oven.
  • I need to let in the plumber but I have to be at work – I want someone I trust to be there.
  • I’ve forgotten to pick up the laptop I need this weekend, I’m abroad and the shop closes in three hours. All I need is someone to go there, get it and deliver it to me tomorrow morning.

There are also one or two things we have declined.

We were very sorry to hear about what happened when you were looking after the neighbor’s rabbit – but no, we’re sorry – we won’t be shopping for a lookalike replacement.

General Factotum was set up to help busy people with busy lives. We take the strain so you can relax.

We make it as easy for you as possible. What makes us different is that we offer a personalized high quality service delivered with flair and calm friendly professionalism.

We are creative, competent, trustworthy, and 100% reliable. We have years of experience in managing all kinds of household and entertaining projects in the UK and overseas – from organizing a dinner party to overseeing a major domestic project.

We do some of the jobs ourselves and in other cases we call on tradespeople we know and trust to do the work. Either way our relationship is with you, our customer.

We work in a way that complements your own standards and values – reflecting the importance you give to your own home, friends and family.

We like having fun and ensuring our clients are happy and come back to us time and time again.

We operate in and around London – but have also handled jobs in other parts of the UK and abroad. Check us out now. Talk to our existing customers – they can tell you all about us!

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