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Top 6 trans and gender non-conforming makeup gurus to follow on YouTube

Top 6 trans and gender non-conforming makeup gurus to follow on YouTube

If you’re into makeup and looking totally gorg and on fleek, these six makeup angels sent from heaven are gonna teach you all you need to know.

From the fiercest looks for every occasion in your life, to how to be a strong and fearless individual who is ready to unleash fabulousness unto the world.

Well now, shall we begin?

(Not in any particular order)

1. Jeffree Star

If you don’t know who Jeffree Star is, you are definitely missing out.

Because he’s so good, he even has his own makeup brand: Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Heard of liquid lipstick? Well, here you go.

This entrepreneurial makeup extraordinaire, who also owns a clothing line called Beauty Forever, actually started off as a singer-songwriter. Say what!?


2. Julie Vu aka Princess Joules

‘Hi sunshine sparkle faces, it’s me, Mother Sparkles.’

Julie is one of the most candid and outspoken transgender persons on YouTube.

On top of makeup and other beauty tips, she also speaks out about trans issues within and without the community, as well as how it’s like being a transwoman in the dating world.

Most impressively, Julie holds nothing back when she shares with her viewers about each step of her transition process, from taking hormones to surgery and post-op.

In a nutshell: An all-rounded YouTube channel that is both fun and educational.


3. Miles Jai

Miles Jai is definitely the most hilarious of them all.

Famed for the Kawaii Desu Review and Weave Weview segments on his YouTube channel, Miles gives us straight up honest (and sometimes brutal) opinions about the beauty products he is reviewing.

On top of being obsessed with Korean skincare products, he is also a big fan of anime and of course, Kpop.

What we love most about Miles is how he’s so comfortable with going bare face in front of the camera, because even without any makeup, he is a beautiful person.


4. PatrickStarrr


If we have to use one word to describe PatrickStarrr, it would be: Confidence.

Through his videos, PatrickStarrr’s larger-than-life personality just makes his viewers feel confident about themselves too.

Oh, and before we forget, PatrickStarrs has his own nail polish line at Sephora, and he has also worked with mega brands like Tarte and Benefit Cosmetics.

Ridiculously fabulous and fierce.

Keep werking that head scarf gurl!


5. Manny Mua

Manny Mua is proof that boys can rock them long thick lashes too.

And if you’re into shimmer and glitter for your eyes, Manny is your number one go-to person.

Like PatrickStarrr, Manny has also worked with Tarte and Benefit Cosmetics.

And yes, Manny has his own makeup goodie too, which is so popular it’s currently out of stock.

We know, at the back of your mind you must be thinking, ermmm is this cutie single?


6. Gigi Gorgeous


Can we just take a moment and look at how breathtakingly gorgeous Gigi is?

Well, she has not only walked in a show during New York’s Fashion Week, presented at the VMAs, been a spokesperson for major makeup brand, Too Faced, worked with Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner, Gigi is also known to be a trans activist who is unafraid to share her story with world.

Beside doing makeup and reviewing beauty products, Gigi is also known for her engaging storytelling.

And let’s not forget about her cute puppies!

Well, reigning as one of the biggest names of YouTube, Gigi is definitely a queen who shows us how to live life to the fullest.