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12 of Toronto’s hottest guys flash the flesh for gay travel mag Elska

12 of Toronto’s hottest guys flash the flesh for gay travel mag Elska

The latest issue of Elska focuses on the Canadian city of Toronto

It recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. And now, queer bookazine Elska is kicking off a new chapter by spotlighting the guys of Toronto.

Each issue visits different cities to meet local, everyday queer/queer-friendly guys, focusing on the likes of Berlin and Reykjavik in the past.

Editor Liam Campbell had this to say about the new edition:

‘After a lot of Europe and a bit of Asia, this is our first issue made in the Americas. We chose Canada’s biggest city as our entry point. As expected from such a textbook multicultural city, it’s one of our most diverse editions.

‘We don’t typically go for touristy locations, favouring of “regular” neighbourhoods. But the landmark CN Tower does find its way into the background of quite a few images.’

‘There’s humour here and there. Such as the image of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, paired with one of the guys giving us a full frontal!’

Furthermore, he continues: ‘We met and photographed local men from age 20 to 73 here. As usual we commit to showing the boys in a natural way, without loads of airbrushing.

‘We were particularly proud that our cover boy, a trans man, was happy to be photographed shirtless, scars and all.’

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