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Teenager outed against his will by The Mail after Tory conference

Teenager outed against his will by The Mail after Tory conference

The 19-year-old activist was outed by a MailOnline article

A ‘devastated’ teenage Conservative Party activist claims he was ‘outed’ against his will by MailOnline.

The teen says he is now ‘living in fear’ after pictures of him kissing a man were published online.

MailOnline published a story Wednesday morning titled ‘Not very Conservative behaviour!’

The article featured pictures of young Conservative activists on a night out after the Tory Party Conference.

Originally the article included a picture of two young men kissing.

One of the two men claims they were not warned about the photograph being taken, and that the picture ‘outed’ him.

The unnamed 19-year-old said to PinkNews: ‘At the moment I’m living in fear, I don’t feel like I can even leave the house because of what people might say.’

He has said he is ‘devastated’ and is ‘literally shaking with nerves right now.’

The teen claims he did not give consent to the picture being taken.

Friends messaged him the article, asking if the picture was of him. That was when he first found out about the image.

He explained: ‘Those photos were taken after I had left an event held by Conservatives for Liberty, Freedom Fizz. I was with the other man in the photo at the event and we hit it off.’

The Tory activist is not out to many people as his hometown is ‘quite hostile to homosexuality.’

‘Why shame me and drive me to a breaking point?’

The article has had a big impact on his mental health.

He says: ‘To be honest I’ve struggled with mental health for a long time. I feel like I’m going back into crisis.’

He explains his grandparents, parents, friends and work colleagues have seen the pictures.

He’s been receiving messages but hasn’t read them because he ‘can’t bear to think what they say.’

The Conservative Party member continued: ‘My father, who speaks to me often, isn’t taking my calls.

‘My grandparents haven’t said more than two words to me since they saw it.’

The question on the teens lips now is ‘Why?’

‘Why take those photos and follow two man having fun for a mile and bit? Why use your power as a journalist to shame me and drive me to a breaking point?’ he asks.

Conservative MP for Finchley and Golders Green Mike Freer also spoke to PinkNews.

He stated: ‘It is wrong for the Daily Mail to out any gay man or women and the Party’s many gay activists should be able to take part in the Conference and enjoy it like every other delegate.

‘No delegate, gay or straight, should have to worry about tabloids surreptitiously photographing them.

‘I will be asking the Party Chairman to make a formal complaint to the Daily Mail.’