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Tour de France champion Philippa York comes out as transgender

Tour de France champion Philippa York comes out as transgender

Philippa York

Tour de France champ Philippa York, formerly known as Robert Millar, has come out as transgender.

The Scottish cyclist said: ‘For a considerable time now, I have lived as Philippa,’ she wrote in CyclingNews.

She continued: ‘As much as I’ve guarded my privacy over the years, there are a few, I believe obvious, reasons to why I haven’t had a public “image” since I transitioned.

‘Gratifyingly, times have moved on from ten years ago when my family, friends and I were subjected to the archaic views and prejudice that some people and certain sections of the tabloid media held.

‘Thankfully, gender issues are no longer a subject of such ignorance and intolerance. There’s a much better acceptance and understanding.

‘The steps taken over a prolonged period under the watchful eye of the medical profession to complete the transition from one gender to another can be difficult and are always only taken after much soul searching and anguish.

‘Although the end result is seen as a happier, more stable place, the emotions encountered to get there make for some very vulnerable periods.

‘While there has been some speculation concerning my gender over the past decade, perhaps it’ll now be better understood why unwelcome and unasked for intrusions into that transition have been damaging not only to myself but to those I love.

‘Thankfully the people in my family who I cherish have since matured and grown into strong and independent individuals, therefore the need to protect them has lessened. This, combined with their support, encouragement and the shift in modern society’s attitudes, means that this will be a step forward for everyone,’ she wrote.

‘Gratifyingly, times have moved on…’

Philippa York also announced a new partnership with ITV Cycling. She will provide commentary for the Tour de France.

Tributes from fans started pouring in for the cycling legend.

Many applauded her courage for coming out with such a high profile.

Matthew Keenan tweeted: ‘Full of courage on the bike and I can only imagine this has taken significantly more courage.’