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Gays told to trade in their sexuality for a chicken sandwich

Comedy group target anti-gay American fast-food chain Chick-fil-A in spoof YouTube clips

Gays told to trade in their sexuality for a chicken sandwich

A pair of comedians calling themselves the Chick-fil-A Foundation have been exploiting the American fast-food chain’s intolerance for gay rights for humor.

The latest YouTube clip shows John, Robert and Harvey the Cow renounce their homosexuality in exchange for a free chicken sandwich.

‘Last night Robert and I kind of let our feelings get the best of us,’ John says. ‘And that’s wrong. So we’re going to cash in this coupon that says trade your homosexuality for a free chicken sandwich!’

The gang present their coupon to a bemused server before exiting the restaurant with their chicken sandwiches. However, a celebratory embrace then goes a bit too far…

Chick-fil-A Foundation has made five other videos including The Chick-fil-A Foundation in NYC and A Message from Brian Brown, the president of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage.

The group’s website contains more satire including an ‘Our Heroes’ section featuring Brown, Marcus Bachmann (husband of Michele) and Rick Santorum. It reads:

‘Mr. Santorum is one of the finest Americans this country has ever seen. He has done more for straight rights than almost any other person in history.’

The videos respond to last year’s controversy around Chick-fil-A’s opposition to gay rights.

In July 2012, executive Dan Cathy admitted that he and his company are against gay marriage after watchdog group Equality Matters reported that the company donated nearly $2 million to anti-gay groups in 2010.

Watch the latest Chick-fil-A Foundation clip here:  

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