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Trailblazer: Ben Cohen – ‘I’ve been to more prides around the world than most gay guys!’

Trailblazer: Ben Cohen – ‘I’ve been to more prides around the world than most gay guys!’

Ben Cohen on his traveler's tales

What’s been your best-ever holiday?
Probably Mauritius [Ben has been nine times]. I love the nice hotels, nice beaches, nice service and all that.

What about your worst?
I didn’t have a great experience going to Cuba years ago – this was back in 2000. I imagine things have changed now. The service wasn’t great.

What countries have you visited with your anti-bullying organization, the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation?
The UK, the US – pretty much all over America. We’ve got some good supporters over there. It’s probably been best received somewhere like Atlanta. Obviously the states where things are LGBT-friendly are a joy to be in, because people can be themselves, and be true to themselves. It’s good to see. Obviously some places are the opposite.

Do you keep an eye on which countries are legalizing gay marriage and things like that?
Yeah, of course I do, absolutely.

Where were you going the last time you got on a plane?
Milan, the other week. I was there to catch up with a friend and plan some stuff around Milan Pride…

What’s the best gay pride you’ve been to around the world?
Amsterdam’s pretty good, that’s all along the canals, that one. San Francisco Pride’s always good – 1.2 or 1.3 million go to that one. London’s always good.

You’ve been to so many…
They’re all good! I’ve actually been to more Prides than most gay guys, and I’m straight. Every country does it differently, they have their own style, but the underlying message is always the same.

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Above: Ben pool-hangs in the States with friend

Where did you typically go on holiday as a kid?
Jávea in Spain. I have lovely memories of it.

Where are you going on holiday this year?
Turkey. They cater for kids really well over there [Ben is a dad two twin 6-year-old daughters  Harriette and Isabelle]; the hotels, the water parks, they do really well.

You recently launched a grooming range with British airline…
I got approached about it and it was an avenue I was willing to explore. Especially being around a lot of gay men who take care of themselves!

You’re also releasing a fragrance…
It’s really exciting, it’s not every day you get to have your own fragrance, and it’s been well-received. I’d describe it as fresh, citrusy and woody.

Are they words you’d use to describe yourself?
I would, yes [laughs].

To find out more about Ben’s fragrance, visit the Superdrug website by clicking here.