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Trailblazer: inspiring lesbian traveler Meg Cale on her Ecuador wedding and why she opposes travel bans

Trailblazer: inspiring lesbian traveler Meg Cale on her Ecuador wedding and why she opposes travel bans

Meg takes in the sun at Salvation Mountain in California

Tell us more about you…

I’m Meg Cale – 29 years old. I’m a full time travel blogger ( and social media strategist. I was born in California but have spent most of my life in New York.

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How many countries have you been to?

37 and counting. I’ve been to four continents – North America, South America, Europe and Asia. I’m desperate to visit Africa. I really want to see Kenya and South Africa, specifically.

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What’s your favorite destination you’ve visited and why?

It’s a bit cliche but I really love northern Thailand. I think I love it because of the friendliness of the Thai people and how gorgeous the rolling hills are. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Make every hair flip count 💖💕

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And your worst?

Plead the 5th on this one. There are pros and cons to every destination but I think every place I visit brings me some joy.

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Where was your most romantic trip and why?

I recently got married in Ecuador. That was pretty romantic. We spent five days in Banos hiking, climbing and exploring before we went to My Sacha Ji Wellness Resort and had the most intimate and beautiful three days of peaced out bliss. At our six month wedding anniversary we hosted a small brunch reception with out closest friends and family members so they could feel included as well.

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Have you ever experienced homophobia or discrimination abroad?

Yes, but thankfully up to this point it’s been more subtle. My wife is very tall and gender nonconforming so in some countries people assume she’s a man, so we never really know how people will perceive her until we’re in the situation. We had someone yell a slur at us in the Philippines and have had locals take pictures of us while laughing – awkward! We’ve also been denied a hotel room with a single bed. Thankfully, nothing more serious than that at this point but I’d like to acknowledge that it could be because of the privilege we have as white American lesbians.

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Would you avoid a certain country because of the laws there?

I don’t support travel bans. I think travel bans ignore the realities of the LGBT people who are already living in countries with anti-LGBT laws. It’s only with exposure, education, and patience that cultures will become more accepting of LGBT people. That being said, I can travel in many countries without ever being identified as a member of the queer community. Not everyone can do that, and I’d never advocate for someone to visit a country without knowing the policies and climate of the country beforehand.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We spent two weeks in Ecuador.

Where were you going the last time you stepped on a plane, apart from home?

A couple weeks ago I took my first tour group to Dinah Shore. My business partner Kate Ross and I hosted a group of 10 at the world famous pool party and music festival in Palm Springs, CA.

What is your top tip for making it through a long haul flight?

Sleeping pills and a good blanket. My longest flight was a grueling 24 hours from Korea to Baltimore with a layover in Houston. Sleep as much as you can and get through it.

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Where do you hope to visit this year and why?

My wife and I are currently planning a long haul exploration of Mexico. We’ll be based in Merida for a few months and are planning to explore the Yucatan and Central Mexico.

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