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#Trailblazer: Matthew Lush: ‘My most romantic trip? My anniversary with boyfriend Nick Laws on Catalina Island…’

#Trailblazer: Matthew Lush: ‘My most romantic trip? My anniversary with boyfriend Nick Laws on Catalina Island…’

What has been your best ever holiday and why?
To celebrate being together for a half year my boyfriend Nick and I went to Catalina Island. It’s only a couple hours off the California coast, but it makes you feel like you’re in a mini-Hawaii. Renting a golf cart and just driving around the whole island was pure bliss.

And your worst?
Took a trip down to Texas one time. Turned on the radio to hear them debating about homosexuals being allowed in their country. It was heartbreaking. I could not imagine how it must be for LGBT+ people living in the state after hearing that.

Have you ever experienced homophobia abroad?
When I went to Atlantis, Paradise Island [in the Bahamas], I felt very welcome. The place is designed to be a tourist destination. But one day we traveled to where the locals lived and I could tell we were not welcome there. They would speak under their breath about us. We decided to go back to the resort and enjoy the rest of our vacation.

What is your dream destination?
Europe. I’ve never been there and would love to go on a two-week cruise.

What is the most random please you’ve been?
Minnesota was pretty random. The amount of snow they get there is ridiculous!

nick laws and matthew lush

Above: Matthew and his boyfriend Nick Laws (Tumblr)

What’s the most romantic trip you’ve ever been on?
For our one-year anniversary we decided to go back to Catalina Island – and boy was it romantic! We ate at this beautiful restaurant on the beach the first night. The second night we ordered food and ate in bed and cuddled. There was a gas fireplace in the room, but since it was summer it was way too hot for it. So we put the AC down to the lowest setting it would go, put the fireplace on high and just talked and laughed the whole night away.

What is your favourite thing about your hometown?
My family. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with them when I was coming out of the closet, but they have all learned to love me for me. Being able to visit my hometown and seeing my family fills me with joy.

Where did you typically go on holiday as a kid?
Since my mother raised us on her own we didn’t really go anywhere far [Matthew is from Long Island]. She would always take us to New York City to see all the lights, or to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. So worth seeing if you’re ever in NYC for Christmas! Plus you could extend your stay till New Year and watch the Ball Drop!

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