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Trailblazer: Tyson Tyler – ‘Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles; I have such a blast going to the US’

Trailblazer: Tyson Tyler – ‘Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles; I have such a blast going to the US’

Where do you call home?

Well, currently I call London home but to be honest I’ve moved around so much in the past couple of years I really don’t know where home is anymore!

We’ve come to stay. What should we do?

Wow, this is London! There is just so much to do, whatever you want to do you can do it here and that’s what makes this city so amazing. I would personally recommend you get all of the touristy things out of the way first, so obviously the London Eye and Big Ben, then the National Portrait Gallery, the British Museum, the list is endless!

You need to get away from it all (us!). Where do you go?

Well, anywhere where it’s quiet and believe me in London there aren’t many places where you can just sit and be quiet. My bedroom, my bed.

Your career has taken you around the world. Where’s the most random place you’ve worked?

I would have to say so far, Istanbul. It was quite an amazing experience and I would like to go back to see more of the city.

Where has been your best vacation and why?

Tropical islands. I love the heat and it’s something I really need to have in my life. I love Miami, Jamaica, Bermuda; those are all my ideal destinations and the places that I’ve enjoyed the most!

Where has been your worst vacation and why?

Anywhere that it’s cold when it supposed to be hot!

You’re shipwrecked on a desert island. What three things would you need with you?

I’d have to say my music. I need to have music around me at all times. A friend, someone who can make me laugh and have things in common with and last but not least I would need food and lots of it – I love to eat!

What is your dream destination?

Blue, turquoise water, sandy beaches, you know I would love to go to Hawaii or Tahiti, those are just places that really seem to capture my imagination.

You’re ripped! What’s your workout regime on the road?

When I’m travelling I try and be as strict as I can be with the gym. But fortunately my mamma and daddy gave me good genes so if I don’t go to the gym for a couple of months I won’t balloon, too much. Running and swimming are the things I tend to do when there is no gym around.

Where are you travelling to next?

This is something that excites me. I’m going to be travelling to the US in the summer and I am going to be going around the entire country, which is something that I really cannot wait to do. New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles; I have such a blast going to the US and my adventure will kick off sometime this summer. I will of course keep you posted!

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