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11 super-hot and inspiring personal trainers to follow on Instagram

11 super-hot and inspiring personal trainers to follow on Instagram

Could Dominik Scherl (@niks_shape_up) help with your training?

1. Paul McNulty

Paul (@DJPJM1), and his equally handsome partner Andres (thesan_edinbelow left) , are based in Edinburgh, Scotland, but you might have also seen them go-go dancing at gay parties all over Europe.

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‘I have been working in gyms for over nine years,’ Paul tells GSN. ‘Helping clients toward their personal fitness goals. Three years ago I moved my service online when my Instagram account started to take off.

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‘Now the majority of my clients are online and from all around the world. What’s became very popular is the ‘Bubble Butt’ workout plan I have put together, which is helping people activate their butt muscles in the gym before they squat to get great results.’

2. David Tyson

David (@DTYDSFG) was born and raised in New Jersey but now resides in Virginia.

‘I’ve been working out since I was 15 years old,’ he told GSN.

‘I started in playgrounds where I focused solely on calisthenics; it wasn’t until I was about 18 or 19 I began weight training, and loved that just as much as my calisthenics which help to better shape my physique.

‘With my physique I received a lot of compliments and was asked for a lot of advice, and that’s where the idea of becoming a personal trainer began. In 2014, I decided to attend school to further my education in physical fitness. I am now a certified fitness instructor.

‘For anyone wanting to get into shape in 2017 I will say this: If you want the best results for your life you have to start giving your best efforts to your life. The benefits of being physically fit are numerous and stem from physically being healthy as well as emotional benefits.

‘You don’t have anything to lose but so much you can gain if you give it an honest effort. So why not give it a shot?’

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3. James Cohen

James (@mrjamescohen) is a London based personal trainer, actor, singer, dancer and model.

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4. Joe Andrews

Joe (@get_joe_fit) is currently in his home state of New Hampshire but is planning a move shortly ‘to Boston, Massachusetts or San Francisco, California,’ he told GSN.

‘I have been working out since I was 11 years old, but I didn’t get into personal training until I decided to switch careers at the age of 27. Prior to being a personal trainer, I used to be a financial analyst. I was also pursuing my MBA in the evening at Boston University, but since none of that brought any fulfillment to my life I decided to pursue my true passion of personal fitness.

‘Advice for those thinking about getting into shape for 2017: Things are often less difficult than we think they’ll be, but take longer than we think they’ll take. And when it comes to diet and exercise, it’s all about discipline and consistency.

‘Small changes, day in and day out, will eventually lead to huge transformations.’

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5. Joseph Dean

Joseph (@watchjoego) is based in San Diego, California. He’s been training professionally for the past two years.

‘Discipline is overrated. Alter your environment to match your goals, and watch your dream life unfold.’

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6. Benjamin Wegman

Ben (@benwebejammin) is based in New York City and has been in the fitness industry for the past four years.

‘Try everything. Find out what you enjoy. There are so many options to get in shape currently, so keep trying different classes and workouts until you find something that clicks with you. Find what you love and then commit yourself 100%.’

7. Matty Thompson

Matty is based in London, and divides his time between training and songwriting and producing music (@mattythomsonpt)

‘With a background in music, my switch over to fitness was quite a drastic one but it’s never too late to make that change.

‘Having been working as a PT for the last three years in various gyms across London I am constantly learning, with a passion for boxing and strength training I encourage others to follow their own goals rather than follow the crowd. Be who you wanna be and make this year the one you start to make those changes.’

8. Angelo Bartic

Angelo (@bodybybartic) is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ‘I have been working out for six years and have been training clients for five years.

‘If I could offer any advice it would be to set realistic goals. Setting goals will allow you to stay motivated and focused throughout your exercise and health journey. This is when you will find the most success!’

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9. Steve Whipple

Steve (@whipfit) is based on the Hawaiian island of Maui: out of reach for most people, so thankfully he posts plenty of advice and workouts online.

‘In fitness find what u like. That way you’ll keep doing it. If u don’t like it u won’t stay with it.’

10. Andrea Pelone

Andrea (@babybearpt1989) is a freelance group exercise instructor, personal trainer and fitness coach based in London.

‘I’d advise people to approach training with a positive and open-minded attitude. Taking up any exercise will help you feel more confident, feel good about yourself, and will ultimately make you healthier.’

11. Dominik Scherl

Dominik (@niks_shape_up) is based in Munich, Germany, but now helps clients all over the world via online training.

‘I’ve been offering personal training now for three years. I started my own business called NiksShapeUp in 2014. Since I offer online coaching in either the German or English for clients worldwide – with about 60% in the US.’