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Trans activist running for election in India has gone missing

Trans activist running for election in India has gone missing

Trans activist Chandramukhi Muvvala from India

Chandramukhi Muvvala, the 32-year-old transgender woman running for a state assembly seat in India, has reportedly gone missing.

According to reports and people familiar with the situation, Muvvala went missing from her home Tuesday (27 November) morning. Her friends and family filed a missing persons report with Banjara Hills police.

Muvvala first announced her candidacy last week.

She is campaigning in the Telangana elections as a Bahujan Left Front candidate. By filing her candidacy, she made history as the first and only trans woman to do so.

Telangana Hijra Samithi, a trans organization in the country, released a statement about Muvvala’s disappearance.

She was reportedly working on her campaign late into Monday (26 November) night. When members of the trans community arrived Tuesday morning to continue helping, they could not find her.

Vinu, a member of her campaign team, told the press CCTV footage showed a person lurking outside her home.

‘A white SUV came to the premises at 7.58 am. A person could be seen in the video looking or searching, either for someone or for a location,’ he explained. ‘We suspect that this person is somehow linked to her disappearance.’

He added they approached the police later in the afternoon after waiting and ‘hoping she would come back by then’.

Waiting in fear

Muvvala’s mother said the pair spoke Monday evening.

‘We talked about how the campaign was going and she told me she was happy with the way things were progressing.’

Now she fears for her daughter’s safety and further condemns the ‘lack of safety measures organized for her and for other women and transgender candidates’.

She believes this lack of security and safety dissuades other women and trans people from entering politics.

Telangana Hijra Samithi described Muvvala in their press release, writing: ‘Chandramukhi had strongly protested against atrocities upon members of the transgender and hijra communities, and had always been an outspoken voice at many rallies and public events upholding the self respect of transgender people.’

The election is set to take place on 7 December, with results coming in on 11 December.

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