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Trans activist escapes death after being beaten by Ugandan mob

Trans activist escapes death after being beaten by Ugandan mob

Beyonce Karungi was victim of a homophobic mob in Uganda

A trans activist has escaped death after being assaulted by a homophobic mob in Uganda.

Beyoncé Karungi, a 35-year-old campaigner and sex worker, is in hospital following the horrific attack.

The activist had recently penned an article on surviving in Uganda as a trans sex worker, an occupation that can be dangerous and occasionally deadly.

After recieving several hate threats, she went into hiding.

When she emerged, she was attacked by a group of five unknown men. She sustained several serious facial and bodily injuries. At hospital, she undergone x-rays and is currently awaiting the results.

Beyoncé, who says she was ‘extremely traumatized’, told LGBTI blogger Melanie Nathan that the men told her they wanted to ‘kill’ her.

‘I have injuries on my head, hands and my back because they were stomping on me and they were saying they want to kill me,’ she said.

This is not the first time Beyoncé has been attacked.

Forced to do sex work as the only way to make money in transphobic Uganda, she said she has been thrown out of clubs, burned with cigarettes. She said one time police undressed her, took her bag, money and phone and then cut her hair to make her ‘masculine’.

A client also raped her at gun point because they want to use a condom.

‘I could not report this to the authorities because am a transgender,’ Beyoncé said.

‘This harsh reality still hurts up to date, there is no real protection for transgender person in most African countries, our governments can say that they are protecting rights of gender minorities but from our own lenses and lived realities, there is no such a thing as protection of transgender human rights in most countries including my own – Uganda.’