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Trans activist victorious against Mumsnet but battle is not over yet

Trans activist victorious against Mumsnet but battle is not over yet

Trans woman Stephanie Hayden took Mumsnet to the High Court to take legal action against a transphobic troll

Parenting website Mumsnet were ‘compliant’ in a court order to identify a user who allegedly verbally abused a trans woman on its forum.

Stephanie Hayden won a High Court order on Monday (8 April) stating the website must provide the personal details of the user named ‘ALittleHelp18’.

She said the comments were defamatory, and obtaining the user’s details would allow her to pursue legal action.

As a result, the High Court ordered the website to disclose the necessary details; they were ‘compliant’ as of today (11 April).

What happened?

Hayden said she first reached out to Mumsnet on November 2018 over comments made from a user. She said the user made defamatory comments of criminality towards her.

The 45-year-old, from Liverpool, UK, issued a complaint. However, Mumsnet did not take the comments down.

The 2013 Defamation Act states that a user who wants a post to remain visible on a user-generated content site following a complaint must provide the website operator with a set of personal details.

These can include the complained user’s full legal name, date of birth, and email.

If potentially libellous comments are made, the law demands the website operator must judge the degree such identifiable details could be false.

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts said details were provided and a judgement taken that they were genuine, according to the BBC.

Did Mumsnet disclose the details?

Hayden said the court gave the website until 4pm to disclose the details, but allegedly failed to do so at first.

However, the website insisted they contacted Hayden at 3:50pm.

Mumsnet told the MailOnline: ‘We told the author of the complained-about post that we would be open to contesting the court order if they wanted us to, but we did not hear back from them within the necessary time frame.

‘We sent to Ms Hayden the personal details supplied privately to us by the user – which were not the same as the details shared publicly by the user in a subsequent post on Mumsnet – before the court order’s deadline.’

Gay Star News reached out for comment from Mumsnet.

Mumsnet may have breached the order

But Hayden tweeted: ‘As of 17:37 BST on 11 April 2019 Mumsnet are now in compliance with the Order and I am reviewing the information supplied in order to consider my further legal options.’

Moreover, the allegations against Mumsnet have piled. Hayden added: ‘[Mumsnet] were in breach of the Order as it was not complied with by 16:00.

‘The [sic] complied once both the Mail and me had contacted #Mumsnet and basically asked “What’s going on”?’

She has since issued the following statement: ‘Mumsnet Limited failed to comply with the order.

‘Mumsnet Limited have once again demonstrated a complete absence of corporate social responsibility. Not only does the Mumsnet forum permit the regular harassment, abuse, and defamation of transgender people.

‘Today Mumsnet have demonstrated their contempt for the law of England and Wales.

‘The identification details are now being reviewed with a view to assessing the next legal steps.’

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