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Activist says UK court is sanctioning trans murder

British journalist Jane Fae says the sentencing of a transgender man for 'obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud' is a slippery slope

Activist says UK court is sanctioning trans murder

An activist has said British authorities are sanctioning the murder of trans people.

Jane Fae, a contributor to national newspapers and the LGBT media, has warned a recent sentencing of a trans man could be a slippery slope.

On 9 April, Chris Wilson was sentenced after pleading guilty to two counts of ‘obtaining sexual identity by fraud’.

He was handed a sentence of three years on probation and on the sex offender’s register, as well as 240 hours community service.

The 25-year-old began relationships with two girls, one 15 and one 16, that progressed to physical intimacy – without revealing his real age or gender history.

Fae believes if Wilson was not transgender, the authorities would not accept ‘gay panic’ as a defense as they would have to say there is something explicitly wrong with gay people or gay sex.

But for ‘trans panic’, she says someone could defend themselves by saying the trans person had not told them their gender history, and when they touched them it was ‘assault’.

‘Let’s follow through the logic of the police and [Crown Prosecution Service] approach. Without full disclosure of birth gender, no consent is valid. Ergo, any sex, any sexual touching is an assault,’ Fae writes on her blog.

Speaking to Gay Star News, Fae said she was concerned the British authorities were effectively ‘sanctioning trans murder’.

‘The end result looks likely to be the murder of a trans individual, or indeed, of some member of the wider LGBT community – in turn, the result of a genuinely disgusting double standard now being operated by police and prosecuting authorities in relation to trans people,’ she said.

In a comment piece for The Independent newspaper, Fae said men and women lie about everything from their age, income, job and marital status, and they are not frauds to the legal system.

She said: ‘In the end, the law is meant to be blind.  Full disclosure must mean just that: full disclosure by all – not just the trans community.

‘Any less is double standard, hypocrisy and yes: yet more evidence that when it comes to sex and sexuality, the law enforcement establishment is still languishing in the late 1950s.’

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