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Trans activist tries to take her own life after online trolling and assault

Trans activist tries to take her own life after online trolling and assault

The Kinnar Sumaj women say they have been the victims of attacks by trans impostors.

Anita Wadekar, a prominent trans activist in India is has survived a suicide attempt after facing extreme harassment from online trolls.

Wadekar is believed to have tried to take her own life after facing hundreds of online messages of harrassment.

Her roommates found her unconcious in her room on Sunday morning and alerted police who rushed her to a nearby hospital.

Wadekar is the secretary of the Kinnar Maa Trust, an 5000-member strong organization advocating for trans people.

The activist was added to a WhatsApp (mobile messaging service) group by ‘fake transgenders’ without her permission. She was then allegedly sent hundreds of abusive voice messages.

‘They added Wadekar on October 16 and gradually six to seven more people from our trust. Some gays run the group and have been abusing our members and threatening us on it,’ Kinnar Mass trust chairperson, Salma Ji told the Times of India.

‘They sent over 250 abusive voice messages. They kept harassing Wadekar who got very depressed about it.’

Wadekar tried to report the alleged perpetrators to local police, but it is believed they refused to file aFirst Information Report. After the police’s refusal, she fell into a deep depression and then tried to take her own life.

Thankfully Wadekar was released from hospital on Monday.

‘I need justice. I have been working for the betterment of our community but anti-social elements are forcing us to indulge in prostitution and begging,’ she told DNA India.

‘Police should take strictest action against the accused involved.’

Trolls arrested

Police has since arrested four people in relation to the harrassment. The four people were charged with the abetment of suicide and for attempting to commit offences punishable with life imprisonment.

‘Fake transgender’

It is not the first time Wadekar has had a problem with police believing her.

In July she spoke out about being assaulted and mugged, but when she reported the crime to police she was the one accused of theft.

‘The police can’t distinguish between transgenders and imposters,’ she said at the time.