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Trans Against Me! lead singer relieved by fans' cheers

Laura Jane Grace, who shot to fame as Tom Gabel, makes San Diego debut

Trans Against Me! lead singer relieved by fans' cheers

The lead singer of US punk band Against Me! has made her first appearance on stage openly as a woman since publically coming out as transgender.

Laura Jane Grace, who came to fame as Tom Gabel, was relieved by fans’ postive reaction to her when she played a 40-minute set as a support act for The Cult in San Diego.

‘I was worried that some people expected me to come out looking like Little Bo Peep or something,’ she told Rolling Stone.

The band were greeted with cheers when they played tracks from their new album, including the title song Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

Grace said she will remain married to her wife Heather, and remain a parent to their two-year-old daughter.

She will soon begin taking hormones, undergoing electrolysis and will consider gender reassignment surgery.

While the 31-year-old is the first rock musician to come out as transgender, other artists have had gender reassignment surgery and gone on to success.

In 1968, Wendy Carlos hit platinum sales status and won three Grammy Awards with Switched-On Bach. More recently, Israeli singer Dana International won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995.

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