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Trans beauty queen Kevin Balot stars in moving Pantene TV ad

Trans beauty queen Kevin Balot stars in moving Pantene TV ad

kevin balot looking over her left shoulder wearing a white strapless dress, her long black hair is shiny, there is writing next to her head that reads the girl named kevin

To celebrate Transgender Awareness week, haircare company, Pantene, has released a moving TV ad telling trans people they are beautiful.

The ad stars trans beauty queen, Kevin Balot and shows a boy in his childhood and teen years looking unhappily into a mirror. As a teenager he is embraced by a maternal figure who flips the mirror to show the reflection as a young woman.

Then the boy walk towards Balot who tells him (and all trans people watching): ‘When they don’t seem to understand you, there will be other who do. Find them.’

‘Everything beautiful about you has nothing to do with your gender. The journey won’t be easy, but I know you will be stronger,’ Balot says.

The three young people then join Balot and their names and ages flash on the screen. The four walk away smiling.

Finally, the ad finishes on a photo of Balot as a child and then flips to a photo of her in a beauty queen outfit.


Advertising company Campaigns and Grey made the video for Pantene as part of its #StrongerNow campaign.

‘It’s wonderful to see our clients use their powerful platform to push inclusivity,’ said Campaign and Grey’s chief creative officer Eugene Demata.

Pantene’s brand manager, Jan Ang also added: ‘The brand’s #StrongerNow campaign speaks to a broad audience by advocating turning struggles into strengths — regardless of gender.’

‘If you really listen, you will probably find Kevin’s words comforting, helpful, and true for your own life’s struggles.’

Balot took to social media to celebrate the ad.

‘Our very own existence is the proof of our greatness. We were born a winner, a warrior, and a survivor,’ she wrote.

‘As Pantene celebrates strength in everyone and in every gender. We should be reminded to use our struggle in life as a weapon for us to win in every battle.

‘Remember, we are stronger. No matter what happens.’

It is not the first time Pantene celebrated the trans community. In August this year it released a similar campaign in Thailand.

Watch the beautiful ad: