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Trans Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton is NOT dead, victim of hacking

Rebekah Shelton implies she was hacked by someone she knew who 'cannot accept the fact I'm happy'

Trans Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton is NOT dead, victim of hacking
Rebekah Shelton on the Judge Rinder TV show in 2016 (Photo: ITV | YouTube)

Trans Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton is not dead, as she confirms in a video she was a victim of hacking.

The fake news was announced on her Twitter yesterday evening.

‘Please stop spreading this news that I am dead because I am obviously not,’ she said in her hotel room.

‘I’ve been through hell today because someone used by Twitter account to write that stupid status.

‘This person cannot accept the fact that I am happy, that I’ve finally overcome my problems. I’m finally living my life happy.’

She concluded the video saying: ‘I’m not dead.’

Rebekah Shelton death hoax was done by someone she knew

The hacked fake tweet on Shelton’s Twitter account said: ‘We’re sorry to inform everyone of the sad news that our wonderful and lovely Rebekah died unexpectedly on Wednesday night. We ask that you respect the family’s privacy at this time.’

Numerous friends of the reality TV star believed she had ‘died unexpectedly’, with many paying tribute.

Big Brother commented: ‘So sad to hear that Rebekah Shelton… has passed away aged just 32.

‘Our thoughts are with her friends and family, from everyone here at Big Brother UK.’

Brian Belo, who won the series of Big Brother 8, tweeted: ‘I’m sad to hear about the passing of Rebekah Shelton from Big Brother 10 UK. Rebekah was a lovely person.’

Appearing on Big Brother in 2009

Shelton appeared on the Channel 4 show in 2009 while she was in the UK as a student living in Leeds. At the time she presented as a man. She remained on the show for just under three months (making it through to the final), and was a much-liked housemate with the viewing public.

Shelton went on to undergo gender reassignment surgery in her home country in 2014.

However, in interviews, she spoke of having suicidal thoughts and having to deal with many issues linked to her public profile from Big Brother and the physical and emotional challenges involved with transitioning.

She later told OK! ‘My advice to anyone considering transition would be think very carefully about your decision. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in myself, but I lost so much along the way.

‘I lost friends, it divided my family and I had to undergo 16 surgeries. I’m not sure what I would do if I could go back in time.’

Suffering from mental illness

In 2016, she appeared on ITV’s Judge Rinder show (similar to Judge Judy in the US), and talked about her transition.

‘People think it’s easy. People think “She looks good now, she can go out, have sex now with guys or get married or things”, but people don’t know the journey I’ve been through. I’ve been through the worst three years of my life.

‘I’ve suffered so much.’

She said she’d spent a month in hospital and had little support from her family during her initial surgical transition process, leaving her feel very alone and isolated.

She also said she had felt forced to leave home before undergoing her surgery and turned to sex work for six months.

‘So many times I wanted to kill myself because I had no one to talk to.’

Shelton’s Twitter account revealed she also experienced illness in 2014. Her family posted she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She later said she had made a full recovery.

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