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Trans fairy tale children’s book earns over $15k on Kickstarter in days

Trans fairy tale children’s book earns over $15k on Kickstarter in days

Raven Wild, a new trans children's book

A brand new children’s book featuring a transgender lead character hit Kickstarter, and in mere days, it’s raised over $15,000 of its $27,367 goal.

Raven Wild is the latest book in the Promised Land series — a collection of illustrated and LGBTI-inclusive children’s books.

The team’s latest story focuses on Raven, a young transgender woman on an important mission. When she rescues an injured bird, Raven comes upon a poacher’s plan to steal a gem. This gem has the power to control all creatures.

Accompanying Raven on her mission is her childhood friend, Finn, and their journey together creates a love between them.

The two previous stories in the series are Promised Land, a gay romance between a farmer and a prince, and Maiden Voyage, a lesbian romance on the high seas.

Representation matters – now more than ever

‘With trans rights under threat and relentless negative media coverage here and overseas, it’s more mportant than ever for positive representation of trans people to exist,’ said Chaz Harris, co-founder of Promised Lands.

Harris is also a writer.

The team, further consisting of writer Adam and illustrators Bo and Christine, worked with trans co-author Caitlin Spice.

‘I want trans kids to have a role model that shows them they’re worthy of love in a world that continues to say they’re not,’ Spice added. ‘To tell a story in the Promised Land Tales universe — where all are equal — was an exciting opportunity. As a fan of the first two books, I’m thrilled to be part of the team bringing Raven Wild to life.’

The Promised Land has long been committed to LGBTI inclusion in their work, as well as challenging discriminatory institutions of power.

In January, they sent copies of their previous books to the anti-LGBTI school Karen Pence works at.

You can donate to the Kickstarter here.

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