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Trans children’s charity Mermaids will keep National Lottery funding

Trans children’s charity Mermaids will keep National Lottery funding

The announcement is a huge win for Mermaids | Photo: Pexels (posed by model)

Mermaids, a charity that helps trans and gender variant children, will receive a National Lottery Community Fund grant after a review.

The British organization will receive £500,000 ($649,000, €574,000) over the course of five years, it was confirmed.

The grant will be used to help Mermaids create support groups for the kids it helps around the UK.

Susie Green, the CEO of Mermaids, said they were ‘delighted’ with the news.

Grant approved for trans charity Mermaids

A statement published today [19 February] on the National Lottery Community Fund website reads: ‘Following public interest regarding the proposed grant to Mermaids UK, The National Lottery Community Fund undertook a review of a number of concerns expressed in relation to the charity.

‘This review did not find any grounds to withhold funding from Mermaids UK.

‘The grant has therefore been approved by the England Funding Committee.

The statement furthermore concluded: ‘As part of our grant management process, we will work closely with Mermaids UK to ensure they are supported in their development.’

Green had said the backlash to National Lottery Community Fund was unprecedented.

‘We understand that people don’t necessarily understand much about trans children and young people,’ Green told Gay Star News.

‘What’s great about this review is that an independent third party has looked at all the arguments that would like to undermine our work and found no evidence to support the allegations that have been made.

‘It provides us with a level of reassurance. What we’ve been doing is open to scrutiny and [that third party] has found those allegations to be without foundation.

‘We’re hope we’re now free to get on and deliver this much-needed project.’

‘We hope we’re now free.’

Mermaids will use the money in three ways.

One is to develop local groups for transgender and gender-variant people.

The next is to add to the training resources for their team.

And the third will fund research and work with universities.

Green added: ‘We’d like to say thank you to the Lottery for being open and honest and transparent.

‘They’ve kept us informed and gave us the opportunity to respond to the arguments made against us.

‘Our staff and volunteers and trustees have also had a very difficult time.

This is also a source of validation for all the really hard work that they do and for all the parents that have been affected.

‘We hope this really great news will help them and show they are supported and their experiences is validated.’

The National Lottery is not Mermaids’ only source of funding.

Hbomberguy, an English gamer, also raised over $300,000 for the charity after playing Donkey Kong over a weekend.

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