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Trans cyclist champion brands transphobe ‘KKK member’, refuses to appear on BBC panel

Trans cyclist champion brands transphobe ‘KKK member’, refuses to appear on BBC panel

Rachel McKinnon (right) refused to participate on the panel after finding out Nicola Williams would appear to

The BBC axed a transphobic guest after a trans activist refused to appear on a TV panel.

Fair Play For Women spokeswoman Nicola Williams was invited on Stephen Nolan’s show to discuss transphobic comments made by tennis star Martina Navratilova.

But the BBC withdrew her invite after fellow panelist Rachel McKinnon refused to participate.

‘I am a biological woman’

Trans cycling champion McKinnon refused to appear on the show alongside Williams.

McKinnon said Fair Play For Women is an ‘explicitly a transphobic hate group’.

Before the show, McKinnon tweeted: ‘I will not participate in a discussion panel that takes them seriously and gives them a platform.

‘Would you expect a black person to actively ‘debate’ a KKK member on civil rights?

‘That’s analogous to what you’re asking me. No. I am a biological woman.’

‘Then there’s no debate’

A producer contacted Williams to withdraw her invitation, Williams claimed.

But a right to reply later in the show was offered.

McKinnon added FairPlayForWomen’s ‘sole purpose’ is ‘opposing equal rights and dignity for trans women.

‘If that’s what BBC thinks is the “other side” to this “debate,” then there’s no debate.’

A BBC spokesperson told The Times: ‘We invited Dr Williams to appear on the programme and after initially agreeing to join us at a later point in the show she subsequently declined.

‘The offer remains open.’

Trans women in sports

The panel would have debated Martina Navratilova, who has doubled down on her view opposing trans women in women’s sports.

The gay tennis legend has sided with those that claim trans people have an ‘unfair advantage’.

Medical experts state trans women who regularly take estrogen have no advantage over cis women.

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