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These trans dads want you to know you can be trans and start a family

These trans dads want you to know you can be trans and start a family

Trans dads share why they love their families

It’s Father’s Day in the UK today (17 June) and we’re here to celebrate some amazing trans dads.

They’re here to show you that being trans doesn’t hold them back from starting their own families.

So without further ado, lets meet the dads!

Stephen Stratton and Josh Clukey, with Rowen

Stephen, with partner Josh and Rowen
Photo: supplied

Both Stephen and Josh identify as queer, but Stephen is trans-masculine and Josh is cisgender.

They live together in Portland, Maine with their adorable child Rowen (affectionately nicknamed ‘Birdie’), who just turned four years old.

Stephen told Gay Star News: ‘We are a two-dad family where both my partner, Josh, and I are biologically connected to our kid.’

Stephen actually went off testosterone hormones so he could carry their child. He said: ‘Because we want Rowen to be proud of who she is and where she came from, we have chosen to be open and honest with her about how she came to be.

‘She knows that most dads don’t get a chance to be pregnant and that it’s pretty special that I got to grow her,’ he said.

On the queer couple’s parenting journey, Stephen said: ‘I thought that when I medically transitioned, I was l letting go of any chance of ever having a biological child.

‘I always assumed that when I was ready to start a family I would foster or adopt. But our journey took us to where we are today and I wouldn’t change a thing about how we got here,’ he said.

Leonardo and Erika Gloude, with Amiaya

Leonardo and Erika, with Amiaya
Photo: supplied

Leonardo says his family is special because they’re constantly setting goals and never giving up.

He told Gay Star News: ‘What I love most [about Amiaya] is that she is a dare devil she is not afraid of trying anything. She’s also a little comedian and keeps her mother and I laughing.’

Leonardo and Erika live in Tampa, Florida and are actually trying for a second child together.

On trans dads starting their own families, Leonardo said: ‘They need to know patience. They need to know it will cost and take time.

‘But nothing is more important than the goal of having your own child. It truly is a blessing,’ he added.

Mason Kaminsky, with Asher

Trans dad Mason, with Katherine, Asher and Jessica
From left to right: Mason, Katherine, Asher and Jessica. | Photo: supplied

When asked what makes his family special, Mason said his family dynamic is certainly a unique one.

He explained: ‘You have me – the trans, non-biological father, my spouse and step-mom Katherine, my ex and biological mother Jessica and then my son Asher.’

The Montclair, New Jersey resident says people sometimes find it ‘odd’ how well the family functions, but they work on a simple principle – Asher always comes first.

He said: ‘We live together and love together, and I think it makes our modern family beautiful.’

When Mason came into Asher’s life, he had not started his transition yet, but Asher still called him dad.

Mason said: ‘He recognized me for who I really was, and that tiny, little human made me feel loved and confident enough to become who I truly am.’

He continued: ‘The advice I would give to trans people wanting to start a family is simply, do it.

‘There isn’t one way to have a child, there isn’t one way to love a child. If you have the desire to be a parent, then you are already half way there,’ he said.

Kristian Demery, with Haiyden

Kristian and his son
Photo: supplied

6-year-old Haiyden’s mother is a lesbian and Kristian is a trans dad.

‘My family is definitely unique,’ Kristian reveals. ‘I think because of this combination, I am able to teach my son about compassion and love for every person no matter whom they choose to love, their race, religion, or status in life.’

When asked what he loves most about his son, Kristian said it was sense of humor and the way he lights up a room with his smile by performing Michael Jackson ‘a million times.’

As for trans parents wanting to start families of their own, Kristian said: ‘Definitely ensure you are emotionally prepared because not everyone will support your decision.

‘Remember that you deserve to feel complete and experience the joys of parenthood just as much as anyone else,’ he said.

Kat Herrera, with Cuauhtémoc

Trans dad with baby
Photo: supplied

Kat Herrera and Andi practice gender creative parenting. They both identify as queer and believe their child will ultimately decide their own identity on the gender spectrum.

Cuauhtémoc isn’t biologically related to Kat but says they’re ‘so much like me in our interests and activities.’

Kat continued: ‘They love to dance, to be on the move and they are so funny! They like to prank us and make us laugh… my kid is so goofy and not at all too serious!’

They urge trans parents wanting to start a family to consider not enforcing gender binary on them.

Kat continued: ‘Trans people understand the pain of dysphoria, the fear of existing, of being true to ourselves – why would you assume your child’s gender?

‘Allow them to independently explore various gender presentations at home, and shield them from societal influence as much as you can. Gender assignment starts from birth and children are almost impossibly able to escape this unnecessary coding,’ they said.

Kennedy Power, with Carson and Mason

Trans parents Mya and Kennedy Power with their two sons
Trans parents Mya and Kennedy Power with their two sons. | Photo: supplied

‘Being a family means you are apart of something wonderful,’ says Kennedy Power. ‘It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.’

Kennedy and Mya Power are the parents of two beautiful boys, Carson and Mason. They’re both pansexual and trans and recently got married.

The parents let their kids be as free as they want to express their gender identity. Kennedy said Carson is a class clown and a real ‘ladies man’, while Mason is obsessed with fashion and climbing trees.

On giving advice to other trans parents wanting to start a family, Kennedy said: ‘I say go for it.

‘There are no real rules to parenting and I will admit it’s a scary journey but a journey that is certainly worth taking. Remember: difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations,’ he said.

Dillon King, with Lennox

Trans dad Dillon King with Lennox
Photo: supplied

Dillon King lives with his wife Missy and their one-year-old child Lennox in New Orleans, Louisiana.

And they’re actually having a second child in November this year!

‘I honestly never thought I’d have love like this,’ Dillon said. ‘What I love most about Lennox is he is proof that anything is possible.’

Dillon believes the best advice for trans parents is to never give up.

He said: ‘We used donor sperm and my wife who is a cis female carried. Where there is a will there is a way!

‘Your baby is priceless – love is priceless,’ he added.

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