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Trans firefighter dreams of becoming Rank ‘Gongman’

Trans firefighter dreams of becoming Rank ‘Gongman’

A transgender woman in the UK is dreaming of striking the gong for former movie studio Rank.

The company’s iconic ‘Gongman’ appeared before the opening credits of numerous Hollywood classics and was traditionally played by tanned muscled athletes.

Now the search is on for the next face of Rank and Hampshire firefighter Katie thinks she has what it takes to front the famous firm.

She told the Daily Echo that she entered the national competition to raise awareness of transgender issues.

‘It would be brilliant if a transgender person could be the next gong man or woman,’ she said.

Although Rank will always be remembered for its 50 years producing films, it now runs Mecca clubs and Grosvenor Casinos.

If she wins, Katie says she will donate the prize money to Southampton gender identity charity Chrysalis, which helped her in her own transition.

Watch Rank’s iconic Gongman in action below: