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Trans gamer left ‘completely dehumanised’ following Microsoft Xbox event

Trans gamer left ‘completely dehumanised’ following Microsoft Xbox event

A transgender video game journalist was left humiliated at a presentation for Microsoft’s latest games console after the presenter made ‘degrading’ comments about her gender on stage.

Laura Kate Dale was at the event covering Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One system, which took place at the Eurogamer Expo in Earl’s Court, London.

However, she was left ‘completely dehumanised’ after being invited on stage and receiving transphobic comments from Fraser Millward, a comedian hired for the event.

Expressing her disgust on Twitter, Dale wrote: ‘Most embarrassing moment of Eurogamer. Pulled up on stage for XB1 thing and called male twice and "it" twice. ‘I was "he", "it". "Thing" and "this one". I was on stage and they still insist "we need a woman on stage, any women here".

‘Hope someone from Microsoft sees this. Your presenter made completely dehumanised me in front of an audience. Ruined my Eurogamer… Shows me for trying to take part and have fun like everyone else.’

Dale later attempted to get an apology from the Microsoft staff on site. However, they refused to give her any details and could only ‘apologise for any offence caused’.

Speaking on this, Dale said: ‘People at the stage "apologise that I was upset by his comments". Refused to bring him out for me to talk to… Refused to give full name, refused to apologise for his actual actions.

‘This is why I regularly consider dropping out of this industry.’ After tweeting her experiences, Dale received further abuse from gamers over Twitter, which she shared with her followers as an example of transphobia she faces as a trans gamer.

The barrage of hateful comments included ‘Fuck you – an annoyed biologically born proper female gamer’, and ‘You’re everything wrong with the world in this generation’.

A spokesperson at the Eurogamer Expo has confirmed they will investigate the incident. A spokeswoman from Microsoft’s press office told Gay Star News that ‘Microsoft is looking into the issue’.

UPDATE: A Microsoft spokesperson has told Gay Star News: ‘We are aware of an incident today on the Xbox booth at the Eurogamer Expo, at which an inappropriate comment was made. We apologize for any offence caused.’