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Trans groom marries trans bride in Scotland

Felix and Helen celebrated their marriage this weekend as Britain's first-known transgender couple wedding

Trans groom marries trans bride in Scotland

Helen and Felix Fenlon made British history when they tied the knot this weekend.

The transgender couple claim they are Britain’s ‘first double sex swap wedding’.

According to British newspaper The Mirror, Felix met Helen in 2008 in a transgender support group.

Prior to celebrating their ‘perfect’ ceremony this weekend, Helen and Felix had to change the gender on their individual birth certificates.

Now the happy couple, after dating for six years, celebrated their Gothic-themed ceremony in Gretna Green, a village in southern Scotland famous for runaway marriages.

Felix, 46, said: ‘This is the first day of the life I always wanted to lead – as the right sex with the right person by my side.’

‘I will love Helen forever. When I saw her coming down the aisle, I just thought "Wow". She looked incredible.’

Helen, 56, said: ‘ I had butterflies during the service and I thought my knees would buckle under me.’

The couple celebrated their nuptials in Gretna Green ‘because we always loved the romanticism of the film Braveheart. And the idea of fighting for freedom appealed to us – because we had to fight for our personal freedoms’.

The couple chose 13 September as their wedding day because they both had their gender reassignment surgeries on the same day, Helen in 2003 and Felix in 2010.

Helen said: ‘I’d always wanted to be a girl, but my father was hard-line military and I was too frightened to tell anyone.

‘As I got older I tried to suppress it, although I cross-dressed in secret. Eventually, the stress got too much.

‘I had no choice but to seek help and have gender reassignment.’

Before undergoing gender reassignment surgery, Felix left his husband and two sons to seek professional help.

‘Even though I knew I was breaking their hearts I couldn’t live a lie any more.

‘When I left my husband I even strapped down my 38F breasts to feel better about myself.’

Though the couple said the hardest part of their transition was telling their children, Felix’s son Kieran attended the wedding, and Helen’s son Darren walked her down the aisle.

‘Finding Felix and becoming his wife is the best thing that has ever happened to me,’ said Helen.

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