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Trans kids send thank you drawings to Emma Watson and her response is cute

Trans kids send thank you drawings to Emma Watson and her response is cute

Trans kids send adorable drawings to Emma Watson

Emma Watson recently came out in support of trans rights and now kids are thanking her.

Ahead of the Gender Recognition Act consultation in the UK, the British actress posted a photo of herself on Twitter wearing a white t-shirt. The shirt read ‘Trans rights are human rights’.

Many trans people at the time thanked Watson for the statement. The GRA consultation has subjected trans people to a deluge of insults and scare-stories, which many of them have found emotionally distressing.

So in thanks, trans advocate and Twitter user FierceMum shared an adorable thread from trans kids thanking the Harry Potter star for her support.

Adorable photos in thanks

The tweet reads: ‘Trans children were overjoyed this week to see @EmmaWatson come out for trans equality. Trans kids around the world are having a rought time & visible allies matter. Trans kids& siblings from around world say thank you.’

What follows is an amazingly artistic thread.

From adorable Hermione to a beautiful Belle:

From little trans kids offering their support to cis siblings offering their love:

FierceMum also notes: ‘On a normal day we would have a bunch of pictures from American trans kids. But their families are busy defending their right to exist. Trans kids needs allies. They need support. They need to know the world cares. #SupportTransKids’

Well, Emma Watson proved once again how much of an ally she is.

The Beauty and the Beast star wrote: ‘#WontBeErased Thank you for these beautifuldrawings!! #ProtectTransKids #TransRightsAreHumanRights’

Many people flooded the tweet with positive messages.

Children’s charity Mermaids wrote: ‘You have made so many children so very happy today. Thank you for standing up for trans kids, In a world where misinformation about transgender children runs rife, to have you as an ally lifting there [sic.] voices is amazing.’

Whereas another added: ‘Thank you so much this means the world to my little girl. She was so overjoyed when I showed her your tweet. Thankyou from me also for standing by trans kids they are all so amazing and deserve as much support as they can get.’

This is good news for many transgender-supporting families. Earlier this week, a leaked memo from President Trump revealed plans to legislate trans identities out of existence in the US.

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