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A trans man is making the first ever original anime series by Crunchyroll

A trans man is making the first ever original anime series by Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll are launching their first ever original anime series and a trans man is the creative force behind it.

The anime streaming service are taking inspiration from Netflix’s strategy and launching their first original series, High Guardian Spice. But that’s not all: the creator is life-long anime fan, storyboard artist, comic writer and transgender man, Raye Rodriguez. He’ll be leading an all-female writing room.

The show, created by Ellation Animation, is a coming-of-age tale filled with drama and sorcery. It’s set to release in 2019. Crunchyroll released its official synopsis in a press release:

‘In High Guardian Spice, the lives of four fierce girls, Rosemary, Sae, Thyme and Parsley, converge at High Guardian Academy, the one place where they can stumble towards adulthood while becoming the heroes they’ve always admired.

‘As they master the ways of battle and sorcery, our foursome form allegiances and comical kinships, uncover legacies and betrayals, and discover their true identities while preparing to protect the world from an ominous threat.’

Raye’s previously worked as a Storyboard Artist at Sprite Animation Studios. He was also a Character Designer on Amazon’s Danger & Eggs.

Not everyone’s happy…

Of course, the announcement of the anime has caused some controversy. The anime fan community have been in hot debate ever since the trailer dropped.

Many have accused the show of ‘pandering’ to a diverse audience. While others took issue with the fact the marketing centered the writing staff, and not the show.

However, others defended the show – and made sure everyone knew they were excited.

Watch the trailer for High Guardian Spice:

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