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Meet the trans man who turned story of his pregnancy into a film

Meet the trans man who turned story of his pregnancy into a film

A trans man who recorded the journey of his pregnancy for a documentary has shared his story with GSN.

Jason Barker’s film A Deal With the Universe has been met with critical acclaim since it started screening at festivals and select cinemas last year.

Jason has been with his partner for 25 years.

‘It was not long after we got together that I transitioned,’ Jason told us. ‘Around that time, we both realized we wanted a child,’ he then added.

‘We couldn’t keep trying with her’

The footage in the film spans a period of 15 years.

‘We started trying with Tracey, and that wasn’t working,’ the filmmaker continued.

Eventually Jason came off testosterone and gave his fertilized eggs to Tracey. ‘That didn’t work,’ he continued. ‘Around 2005, Tracey was diagnosed with breast cancer.

‘She went through the treatment and we had to rethink; we couldn’t keep trying with her. We had the idea: I would try and get pregnant.’

‘The film is the story of all of this, all the ups and downs. It wasn’t an easy road for me. It took another six years.’

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