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Watch these trans men audition for Scarlett Johansson movie roles

Watch these trans men audition for Scarlett Johansson movie roles

A trans man auditions for a Scarlett Johansson role

A gaggle of transgender men recently decided to audition for Scarlett Johansson’s past movie roles.

The hilarious and on-point video comes courtesy of Into.

They had trans men come in and read lines from a variety of Johansson’s movies and the roles she played, including Her, He’s Just Not That Into You, and Avengers.

At the end of the process, the man who auditioned for Samantha in Her finds out he gets the role.

When he realizes it’s for a white female, he looks concerned. Then he says: ‘Sorry, I’m just having trouble because cis women are actually really marginalized in Hollywood. I know there are people who have lived this experience who would bring a lot of authenticity to it and I feel a little weird about taking that from them.’

Ultimately, he turns the role down.

Not cool, ScarJo

The movie is in response to Johansson taking on the role of a real-life transmasculine figure in the upcoming movie Rub & Tug.

When people slammed her for taking on a role that should be played by trans men, she gave a tone-deaf response.

Previously, she also whitewashed a role that was meant to be Asian in Ghost in the Shell.

Movies already have a lack of LGBTI representation.

In GLAAD’s annual Studio Responsibility Index for 2017, they found only 14 Hollywood films had LGBTI characters. Out of 109 released. When media, especially major blockbusters, tell the stories of LGBTI people, it’s important to be authentic and representative.

It’s why Ryan Murphy’s new series Pose on FX is receiving acclaim for its trans cast, crew, and storytelling.

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