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Trans Michelle Obama covers Candy magazine

Trans Michelle Obama covers Candy magazine

The fifth issue of Candy magazine by Luis Venegas features a trans Michelle Obama.

Dubbed as the world’s first transversal style magazine, Candy magazine is one of three titles including Fanzine137 and Ey! Magateen published by Spanish creative director Luis Venegas.

In an interview with UK magazine Dazed and Confused, photographer Andreas Larsson and Luis Venegas talk about the cover shoot with Connie Fleming.

Venegas confessed that he had been toying with the idea of a new ‘controversial’ stereotype occupying the White House ever since a black man and a woman were slated to win the US presidential elections.

Venegas said in his interview: ‘when will the time come when these archaic walls break down and the White House will be occupied by, for example, a black, transsexual woman?’

Other things Venegas is excited about in the upcoming issue include : snapshots taken by Nazi transvestites during World War II and New York drag queen Lady Bunny.

Previous covers of Candy include American actor and director James Franco and British actress Tilda Swinton.

The latest issue of Candy magazine is available worldwide at the following stockists listed on the website By Luis Venegas.