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Trans murder toll rises again in Turkey

Trans murder toll rises again in Turkey

A trans women from Beylikduzu in Istanbul was shot last Saturday, tragically extending 2012’s list of murdered transgender women in Turkey.

Gunce Hatun, a 19-year-old who worked as a sex worker was shot dead on the street, said Kemal Ordek a Turkish steering committee member for Transgender Europe.

Turkish news reports say that police arrested a man who is a driver for a private bank. He claimed Hatun tried to force her way into his car.

This brings the number of murder trans women in Turkey this year to six.

Serap Güneşer was murdered in October and Seçil Anne was murdered in July. Both women were stabbed and had their throats cut and both were in Antalya on the southwestern coast of Turkey.

When the Trans Murder Monitoring Project published their list of slain transgender people for Trans Day of Remembrance last month,  they reported that five trans women had been murdered in Turkey from November 2011 to November 2012, by far the most in Europe. Activists complain that the authorities have done nothing to address this.