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Trans musician brutally beaten at own gig, locals protest pub for letting attackers go

Trans musician brutally beaten at own gig, locals protest pub for letting attackers go

A transgender musician who was brutally beaten at the Sydney pub while she was waiting to perform has inspired local residents to protest the venue.

Stephanie McCarthy, 43, was attacked by five men Friday (5 June) night at the Town Hall Hotel in the gay-friendly Newtown suburb.

‘The most upsetting part was I knew this was coming,’ she wrote on Facebook.

‘Me and my band Love Maul were supposed to play at the Town Hall Hotel. I noticed there was a group of young men following me around yelling out "faggot."’

McCarthy said one of the men grabbed her shirt, pushed her, then ‘king hit’ her.

‘The next thing I can remember, my head’s down low and I’m just getting repeatedly punched in the face,’ she said.

McCarthy said she reported the men to the security guards when the slurs started but they did nothing and then even ushered her attacker out of the pub.

‘They didn’t even call me an ambulance,’ she said.

‘I had blood coming out of my eye, my ear, my nose, my mouth – there are cuts all through it. The fact that a performer can be assaulted like that; someone who’s there to make the pub money, they didn’t care. They just didn’t care.’

Two days after McCarthy shared photos of her bruised face on Twitter, about 200 local residents staged a protest outside the pub.

Residents stood off with police, holding banners that read ‘train your staff’ and chanted ‘no transphobia’ and ‘shame, Townie shame.’

‘They allowed a woman to be brutally beaten, and violence against women is not okay,’ McCarthy told the crowd over a speakerphone.

‘This is not a women’s issue, or a transgender issue, or a gay and lesbian issue – this is everyone’s issue.’

A 23-year-old was arrested in connection with the attack on Wednesday (10 June).