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It will now be easier for trans Pakistanis to get national ID

It will now be easier for trans Pakistanis to get national ID

Pakistani trans activist and model Kami Sid.

After a tough week for Pakistan’s trans community, it will now be easier for them to apply for official documents.

Most people in Pakistan have a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). It is an ID card that also allows them to be counted in the census. Many employers will not hire a person without a CNIC.

Pakistan was one of the first countries to include a ‘third gender’ category for trans people on passports and the CNIC.

For trans people to get a CNIC in their true gender they need to provide their parents’ information. But for many trans people this is impossible as their families have either disowned them or want to keep their association with their children private.

But the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has just changed its registration policy and removed the need to provide parental information to obtain a CNIC.

A Nadra spokesperson told Dawn it understood that minorities, such as trans people, faced a lot of  daily barriers. The spokesperson said Nadra intended to support the trans community and ‘protect their fundamental rights as per the Constitution of the country’.

Thanks Nadra

Trans Action Pakistan sent their thanks to Nadra in a touching video.

Rough time

The Pakistani trans community has had a rough couple of weeks.

Just two nights ago a trans woman was allegedly shot to death by a car full of men in Karachi.

The community also disputed the latest census results which showed that only about 10,000 trans people lived in Pakistan. Trans advocates argued many people were left out of the census because they did not have a CNIC.