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Trans people celebrate their beautiful bodies with this inspiring campaign

Trans people celebrate their beautiful bodies with this inspiring campaign

A new body-positive campaign has been launched to celebrate trans people and their bodies.

Trans activists Lewis Hancox, Fox Fisher and Owl, co-creators of film project MyGenderation, started the campaign #MyTransBody to help spread acceptance.

The initiative aims to disrupt the prejudices about looking trans. It also wants trans people to embrace those characteristics that make them trans, as explained in the video anticipating the campaign.

It features several trans people discussing their bodies and what being trans mean to them.

‘I love the things that make me trans’

‘What does it mean to look trans and why is it a bad thing?’ they ask in the opening.

The two activists also highlighted how trans bodies are constantly compared to cisgender people’s bodies.

‘I love the things that make me trans,’ they also say, enlisting features such as scars, voice, big hands, hair or lack thereof.

My Trans Body is PERFECT

Details of the My Trans Body Positive Campaign in comment below. #MyTransBody is BEAUTIFUL <3 Please Share!

Posted by My Genderation on Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Anybody could take part in the campaign

Moreover, Owl and Fox prompted trans women, men, and non-binary people to post pictures with the hashtag #MyTransBody.

Those participating in the campaign need to caption their images with the phrase ‘#MyTransBody is…’ and choose an adjective accordingly.

Twitter users have reacted enthusiastically, immediately publishing selfies and inspiring messages of self-love.

Take a look at some of the tweets below:

‘#MyTransBody is mine, awesome and no subject to discussion!’ one user tweeted.

‘#MyTransBody is cool and all, I don’t want another,’ another wrote.

‘But I sure do wish I started at 12 instead of 24 like I wanted. Every day I feel more comfy tho and I’ve gotten further than I dreamed.’

‘#MyTransBody the surgery that changed my life for the good. ‘

‘I don’t really take full body shots ever but #MyTransBody is uh… doing it’s best to keep me alive,’ someone else tweeted.

‘#MyTransBody is still changing but allowing me to do so many things i’ve never thought I could,’ commented another.

‘#MyTransBody has a long way to go and coming to love it has been difficult but it does look nice at times,’ a trans girl tweeted.

‘#MyTransBody is a man’s body. Because it’s mine. And I am a man,’ another guy wrote.

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